A Next Generation National Security Enterprise

One Defense is about re-imagining the defense industry to better address the challenges of a changing world. It is a movement to engage a diverse group of concerned individuals, enterprises, and institutions to improve our approach to national defense and to create a more secure world.

One Defense protects our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and First Responders in harm's way by listening to what they are saying and getting them what they need —when they need it.

One Defense makes the most of our national investment —promoting security through transparent and cost effective ways of doing business.

One Defense creates a sustainable defense economy that protects and preserves liberty without overwhelming citizens with unnecessary costs.

One Defense capitalizes on creativity, ingenuity, and innovation from every sector of the American economy to solve the "wicked" problems that threaten our security.


One Defense was launched in response to several DOD initiatives, most notably Technology Domain Awareness (TDA), an initiative sponsored by the Secretary of Defense focused on developing an expanded defense technology innovation community of practice that incorporates DOD stakeholders, traditional defense industry, the start-up and venture capital communities, and the academic research community.


TDA is a “technology discovery” platform that supports the collection and synthesis of DOD’s operational needs and related Science & Technology priorities and the alignment of these needs with “outside innovations,” that is, technologies in academia and the commercial marketplace relevant to defense applications. It is a conduit for technology prospecting and discovery that helps DOD stakeholders quickly and accurately source products and related R&D from non-traditional sources.


One Defense leverages TDA to employ a combination of incentives, information, shared infrastructure, and services to: (1) facilitate the rapid identification of defense-relevant technology opportunities and challenges, (2) support public-private technology co- investment, collaborative development, and prototyping, (3) develop a learning context for defense technology innovation based on collecting and analyzing technology lessons learned and (4) link and scale distributed innovation efforts across DOD to enhance transition and address corporate, DOD-wide learning objectives.